Friday, July 21, 2017

how I edit my instagram photos

I've been getting some questions lately on how I edit my Instagram photos, so I decided to make a video all about the process- from composing the photo to shooting and editing! These are the final versions of all the photos I shot in the video!

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  1. So happy you uploaded this! I recently discovered you on Youtube and you are so inspiring! You make me want to pick up my camera, my notebook and pens and just do something amazing! Thank you so much for giving me that :) Love, Cece

  2. Hi Jordan! You take pictures very well. I just wish I had those clean white backgrounds like you have. Thank you for this video. :)

  3. Dear Jordan,
    I discovered your YouTube channel recently and I am in love. You make wonderful content and I could watch your videos forever.
    I was binging on them and in one you showed briefly a quote book. All the quotes you post or write or show resonate so much with me, I would love to know which book it was because I've been trying to find it but I can't. Thanks I advance, wishing you well and thank you for bringing beautiful things and ideas to this world and for sharing them.

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  5. Whoops sorry I didn't mean to delete my comment! here we go again 🙈
    I just commented on your youtube channel that I just discovered, but I had to check out your blog aswell (I hope you don't feel too stalked yet 🙈) and all your photos are so beautiful. I'm so glad I found you and your content!

  6. You are so wonderfully talented in so many fields. Thank you for this information. I had an expensive camera at one time and used the higher priced editing softwares. Finances, or the lack of, have given me the opportunity to explore iPhone photography courses and the many free, or very inexpensive, apps available to do my editing. So for those who "only have" an iPhone there are splendid options to advance your presentations.

  7. Hi Jordan,
    My name is Chloé, I’m a Canadian who speak french and I wanna thank you for everything your doing. You’re so lovely and you make me feel so peaceful when I read your blog or watch your incredible videos. You also help me learn english and I’m very thankful for it

  8. I loved this video :) but I have some questions. Which software is the one you're using? Photoshop or Lightroom? and what version?
    Thanks a lot. I really loved your blog!