Sunday, February 26, 2017

PWM + Free Printable

pwm + free printable
For this week's planner spread, I knew I wanted to do a vintage rose theme but I didn't have any embellishments that matched my idea. So I put together a printable sheet of decorations using vintage clip art and some hand designed elements. It turned out so cute that I decided to offer it as a freebie!

pwm + free printable
The vintage flower images are from The Graphics Fairy. I have been using clip art from her website for years and years, she has such a great collection of vintage ephemera!

pwm + free printable
I combined the printable decorations with some supplies I had on hand, and I love how the spread turned out!

pwm + free printable pwm + free printable pwm + free printable

xo, Jordan


  1. That's so cool. Your works are perfect!
    I like them ♡
    Thank you so much dear :)

  2. I love all your work, and none of your videos fail to inspire me and that is so amazing. Keep making similar videos and i hope your channel and audience grow c:

  3. Hey!

    I'd love more details on how you made this, and how you made it available to your readers. I'd like to do something similar :)

    Really really love it, great job!!