Sunday, January 29, 2017

favorite craft supplies

craft supplies
Today I wanted to do a post of my current favorite craft supplies! I've found some new things from the craft store (like that washi tape!) and I have a few old favorites I'd love to share!

1. Washi Tape
Washi tape has been a favorite of mine ever since I discovered so many years ago! I remember the times when you could only order it online and it had to be shipped from Japan- and now, all the major craft stores are carrying it! I recently discovered some adorable patterns of washi at Hobby Lobby, and I've fallen in love. Especially this adorable succulent pattern!

2. Tags
Tags are a pretty common craft supply, but I wanted to mention them because I use them in everything. I love including them in my journal, my planner spreads, for gifts, in penpal letters, and so much more! Tags are ubiquitous- you can find them at any craft store, office store, and even in the Target dollar spot! (my favorite place to get cute tags)

craft supplies
3. Baseball Card Holder
I recently purchased some plastic baseball card holders to try making pocket letters, and I've fallen in love! Not only are they great for pocket letters, but I also use them to make tiny shaker pockets to attach to my journal and planner, or to include in a regular penpal letter. They are even great for organization if you want to separate things like embellishments, stickers, or other small craft supplies!

4. Paint
So I know paint is nothing new in the craft world, but I wanted to mention these colors in particular because I have been so inspired by this palette! I was at the craft store one day looking for some new acrylic paint and I picked up my four favorite colors, and they just so happen to all look lovely together! The brand is Folk Art and the colors are Mauve Dust, Dutch Aqua, Spun Sugar, and Seashell Pink.

Stellaire Handmade stickers
5. Stickers
Stickers have been a staple in my craft collection ever since I started crafting, but I wanted to throw in a little self promotion for the stickers I have design because I love them so much. If you watch my Youtube videos, you've probably seen me use these stickers in the past few Plan With Me's. These stickers (and many more!) will be available in my shop, opening February 1st at 12pm CST. :)

craft supplies craft supplies
I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my craft supplies! Let me know what you are currently crafting with, because I'd love to learn about some new supplies!
xo, Jordan

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