Monday, December 7, 2015

diy terrarium

terrarium diy
I love having plants in my room and I especially love terrariums because they're like a mini forest right on your desk! I recently made a new terrarium and I put together a DIY to show you how I did it! I think this would be a great gift to make someone for Christmas!

terrarium supplies
You'll need some sort of container, sand, and plants like moss and succulents. I found my glass box at Hobby Lobby, but you could also check out the thrift store or use a recycled glass bottle from your pantry!

Take your succulent out of its planter and gently remove most of the dirt from it's roots.

Place it in your container and surround it with sand.

Cover the sand with moss. And that's it!

I also planted another succulent and moss in a little teapot planter that I found at the thrift store.

I'm excited to add these to my plant collection! Succulents are one of my favorites because they're so easy to take care of, and they usually survive pretty well on their own. Happy planting!


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