Sunday, December 20, 2015

diy dream pillow

diy dream pillow
When I was little, my mom gave me a small dream pillow that I kept under my big pillow every night. It was filled with lavender to prompt good dreams, and help calm me when I woke up with bad dreams. I don't know what happened to that little dream pillow, but I know how much I loved it- so I wanted to make a new one. And I created a tutorial so you can make your own!

dream pillow supplies
You'll need some fabric, sewing supplies, and dried lavender. I recommend checking out the thrift store for fabric scraps since you won't need a lot. Just make sure you wash it first! I got my lavender from a local health food store that carries bulk dried herbs.

dream pillow how-to
Decide what shape you want your pillow to be. The one I had when I was young was just a little square pillow, but I decided to make this one round. I also made a cloud shape with plain muslin fabric.

dream pillow how-to
Put your fabric pieces front sides facing together and sew them together, leaving an inch or two open.

dream pillow how-to
Trim the extra fabric off and turn your pillow right side out. Fill with lavender- I made a paper funnel to make it easier to pour the lavender in.

dream pillow
Sew the opening shut with an invisible stitch and that's it!

dream pillow gift
I think this is a really great gift (or stocking stuffer since Christmas is coming up!). You could also include lavender essential oil and an amethyst crystal, both which promote calm and peacefulness. The perfect trio for a good night's sleep.

behind the scenes
Here's a little behind the scenes shot of the tutorial, once again the kitties were sound asleep the whole time I was taking photos! I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial. If you try it out, let me know what you think of the dream pillow!



  1. I really have no experience in sewing at all, but this might actually be okay for me to try :) your sleep pillow turned out lovely! I always keep some filled with lavender or herbs in my closet, which makes my clothes scent very subtly xx

    1. You should try this, it's super simple to sew! And that's a good idea to keep lavender in your closet, I want to start doing that too!