Sunday, August 10, 2014

90's vibes

So I've noticed 90's styles have slowly been creeping back into fashion, and my feelings on this go back and forth. While there are some 90's trends that I think should stay in the past, I've started embracing the few that I do like.

A while ago I came across a tutorial for a stretchy, choker necklace, à la 1990's. I remember having so many of these when I was younger, so the nostalgia made me want to create a new one to wear now. I actually ended up loving it, and it inspired this entire 90's themed post. I made a video showing you the DIY choker, and some 90's beauty and fashion ideas to go along with it. I hope this provides some inspiration for bringing some of the 90's into a modern wardrobe.

90's style c3 levis summer


  1. Du Süße - sieht toll aus. Deine Bilder sind richtig schön. Und yeah: die neunziger bleiben uns immer treu ;)


    PS: Zeig deinen liebsten Shopping-Look. Alle Info´s zur Teilnahme findest du hier:
    look of the month

  2. i love the clip, choker is awesome and so is the whole 90s atmosphere in this post <3

  3. Jordan, why are you so pretty? ♥
    And this new video is amazing!

    I hope you had a wonderful day! ♥
    xx elisa