Wednesday, May 14, 2014

wooden polaroid magnets {DIY video}


I saw this great DIY project on the blog Sugar & Cloth for wooden polaroids and I immediately fell in love! I knew I wanted to make my own, and then I also decided to try something new on my blog… a video tutorial! For a while now, I've been considering starting a Youtube channel to make DIY videos to go along with my blog. I finally took the plunge into the Youtube world and made my first video! In this one I show you how I made my wooden polaroid magnets, and I included some packaging ideas at the end!

I was going to make this video with a voice over to explain the steps, but I got sick a few days ago and lost my voice and I still can't talk very well. So you won't hear me talk in this one, but I think the video still demonstrates pretty well how to make the polaroids.

ombre polaroid

wooden polaroid supplies

polaroid magnet

wooden polaroids
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  1. That's a beautful video, congratulations! I just subscribed to your channel :) (Also, I love the way you always wrap things so beautifully)

    1. Thank you so much, for the compliments and for subscribing! I really appreciate it! ♥