Wednesday, May 21, 2014

odds & ends

I went to the beach with my friends for a few days last week, and ever since I got back I've been spending all my free time doing some spring cleaning! To all my penpals, I have not forgotten about you! Sorry for such a long delay in my response, but I promise I will have something in the mail for you soon. :)

vegan raspberry bar
I recently made these raspberry bars, which are super yummy, and they're raw/vegan! I used this recipe, and it turned out really well! I always tell you guys the changes I make to recipes, but I didn't need to change much in this one! I did use fresh raspberries instead of frozen, and I added a few less dates (because I didn't want them to be too sweet). Also, I did not add the icing on top of the bars, but they were still delicious without it!

And speaking of spring cleaning, I recently redecorated my bedroom (since I am currently living at home for the summer). So maybe a room tour will be in the near future? ♥

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