Tuesday, May 27, 2014

diy packaging // paper envelopes

diy paper envelopes
I love making my own envelopes because they're so pretty and they're handy to have around when you need a quick fix for packaging a small gift. These are perfect to slip a handmade necklace or bracelet into, or to house a little notecard to brighten someone's day! Or maybe you could make a few wooden polaroid magnets and wrap them in one of these envelopes!

making envelopes
I printed a small coin envelope template and traced it onto scrap paper. I cut out my envelopes, and used a bone folder to score and fold them.

paper envelopes
Now that you have some envelopes made, these are your blank canvas to decorate however you want!

envelope decorations
Decorating them is my favorite part- the possibilities are endless! I incorporated washi tape, stamps, ribbon, sequins, and small paper shapes.


stellaire envelope

pretty envelopes

envelope closeup

Happy crafting! ♥


  1. These are so cute! I used to be really into mail art and i loved decorating the envelopes :)

    1. Thank you!! ♥ Yes, mail art is so much fun! :)

  2. It looks so pretty. I love them...

  3. Super cute. I can't wait for your next letter!

    1. Thank you! I actually just mailed your letter out today (sorry it's been so long!). ♥

  4. oh i love that, i'm definitely gonna make those for my pen pals :) ♥