Monday, May 12, 2014

{diy} charm necklace & bookmark

I looked at the stack of books on my nightstand the other day and decided they needed new bookmarks. I usually just use scraps of paper that I have lying around to save my page, but why not make something prettier?

charm bookmarks
I came up with these simple charm bookmarks. The string goes between the pages and the charm hangs over the front.

I looked through my bead collection and selected a few odds and ends that would look pretty clustered together.

painted seashell
I gave this tiny seashell a coat of white paint and gilded the edges with gold.

I put a few beads and charms on the end of a string and tied it together with a knot. There are so many different variations you could do with these, just by switching up the color string or the beads that you use!

beaded bookmark

beaded bookmarks

When I was finished, I thought these would look pretty as a necklace too! I brought the ends around and tied it into a drop-style necklace. To make it easily removable, just cut the back and add closures!