Tuesday, April 1, 2014

paper bead bracelet {DIY}

stellaire bracelet
The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of making and photographing and packaging jewelry and other crafty things to sell at an upcoming art festival! This paper bead bracelet is one of the pieces I'll be selling, and I thought I would do an updated tutorial on how to make the beads! (You can see my past tutorial here). It's actually simple enough that you don't really need a tutorial, but maybe these photos will inspire you to try this DIY!

I have a stash of old clothing catalogs (and an abundance of UO ones for some reason), so I pulled out a few that had pretty colors.

Tear out some pages for the beads, and gather together your other jewelry supplies.

paper beads
Cut out thin triangles from the magazine pages. Mine were about 1/4inch wide, and I just free handed them (but you could create a triangle template to trace onto the the pages too). Spread a little glue along the paper strip, and roll it around a toothpick.

I combined my paper beads with a few glass beads and gold accents.

paper bead bracelet
I chose a simple lobster clasp closure for my bracelet, but you could thread your beads on elastic thread if you don't want to have to attach a closure!

If you're in the Tuscaloosa area, you should come out to Druid City Arts Festival on Saturday! I will be there all day! :)