Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Druid City Arts Festival

creative co-op
Last weekend I spent my Saturday in downtown Tuscaloosa at the Druid City Arts Festival! It was my first time selling my art at a festival, and I loved it! I'm lucky to be part of an organization at my university called Creative Co-op, which is a group of student artists who get together to sell their work. We had two tents for our group, among dozens of tents of other local artists.

Here is a closeup of my setup! I made that business card holder the night before out of an Altoids tin. It ended up being perfect because it was a windy day and the tin kept the cards from blowing away!

john & jacob
All day there were different music performances. My favorite was probably this band called John & Jacob.

creative co-op
I really loved DCAF, and I'm looking forward to doing more art festivals in the future!

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