Wednesday, March 12, 2014

une lettre de mon amie

I feel like all I've been posting about lately is mail, but I've been sending and receiving lots of letters recently and they're so pretty! Today a letter came to me all the way from France, sent by the lovely Elisa (of the blog Granie).

book page envelope
I love mini envelopes (okay, I love anything mini, but especially envelopes).

pretty quotes
This one was filled with Elisa's favorite quotes, written on pretty strips of washi tape!

mini penants
This little heart envelope had adorable handmade, washi tape flags!

fruits rouges thé
And the last tiny envelope enclosed this tea that smells so good!

letter contents
Merci beaucoup Elisa! I love love love your letter! ♥ {And I will send you one soon!}

kitty detail


  1. I am so happy you received it so fast ! ♥
    Glad you loved it ! ♥♥

    Bisous, ton amie. ♥

  2. Everything here is so gorgeous but I especially love the adorable envelope! <3 I've been using the little star burst stickers you sent me on all of my recent mail. :) xoxo

  3. Hello it's Cassandre (instagram, you know ?)
    Elisa is fantastic, i love her blog and she is so sympathic ! :)
    I love writting letters ! ♥
    ... hmm.. sorry my english is so bad and so "easy" .. :(

    1. Hello Cassandre! ♥ Yes, Elisa is lovely!
      I appreciate your comment! ♥