Monday, February 3, 2014


letter stack
stack of mail I sent last month

birthday letter
a birthday letter for Gwen

handmade friendship bracelet


  1. delicate and beautiful as always - i'd love to get mail from you, hee hee~

  2. I don't leave comments on blogs very often but I have been following yours for quite a while now and I really wanted to tell you that I adore reading it! You have a very distinctive style, I honestly have yet to see a post of yours I don't like. My favourite posts are definitely those about snail mail, like this one. It must be wonderful to send and receive letters every now and then! I'd love to send some myself but unfortunately no-one around here is interested so all I can do is dream. You are a very lucky person if you ask me :) Anyway, I think I have done enough rambling for now. I hope you'll have a nice day and bless you for keeping such an inspirational blog :)!

  3. What you made to Gwen is very beautiful and is delicate as possible ! ♥

  4. Such a beautiful snailmail you sent out ♥
    So adorable with the friendship bracelet too. I really want to learn do this one.
    I'm often here and look at your amazing stuff. Thanks for all the beauty and all the inspiration. :-)