Friday, January 10, 2014

{diy} pretty petit fours

petit fours vertical
I dream of wandering the streets of Paris, peering into the bakery windows and admiring the dainty little pastries in the displays. Until then, I'll just have to settle my Parisian confection craving by making my own! I was inspired by a post I saw on The Pink Couch blog to create this pretty little faux treat (go have a look, her's are quite lovely!).

I gathered together some fabric scraps from past projects. I think the mix of florals looks oh-so darling.

paper square
I cut a piece of card stock to use as my petit four base.

Then I just layered the pretty strips of fabric and glued them to the base!

I picked out a few decorations for my pastry, and cut out a little rose to place on the top.

petit four definition
On an antiqued piece of paper (coffee dyed), I wrote a dictionary entry for "petit four".

floral pretties
My two loves, pastels and florals!

envelope confectionery
I love how my faux petit four turned out! I think it would look lovely adorning a tea party invitation, or maybe strung on twine with several more to create sweet bunting!

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥


  1. I was so pleased with the one you sent me and it is now adorning my bedroom wall. <3 xoxo

  2. Aw this is so pretty! Reading your blog makes me want to get crafty and make lots of pretty things!xx

  3. I saw your tutorial on Flickr since a moment and I still love it!
    Love this idea! ♥

    Did you ever eat a petit four ? ;)

    Have a wonderful week-end, too ! ♥♥

  4. What a coincidence: I included some tea in the envelope I'm mailing off for you tomorrow. Great minds and all that! <3 xoxo