Thursday, December 19, 2013

little gift {starburst stickers}

tiny gift
I was making stickers today and I decided to package some of them up to create pretty little gifts! They are super simple to make, and would be perfect to tuck into a letter, to surprise a fellow crafter, or even to use as a cute little stocking stuffer!

I went through my paper collection and pulled out some scraps that looked pretty.

I used my starburst paper punch to cut out a bunch little shapes, and then put them through my Xyron sticker machine to make them into stickers!

sticker set
I put them in a little glassine envelope and decorated it with wash tape, a doily, and a kraft pennant!

starburst stickers
I think it looks adorable! I made a few of these to give to some dear friends, I hope they like them as much as I do!


  1. You're right, it is totally adorable ! ♥
    That's a good idea.
    Oh, and.. Did you send your letter ? :)

    Have a wonderful week-end, Jordan !

    1. Thank you!♥
      Yup, I sent your letter and it's on its way! I can't wait for you to get it! (And I hope you like it!).

      Thanks, you too! ♥

    2. Oh, now, I can't wait to receive it ! ♥
      Don't worry, I'm sure I'll like your letter !

      Have a nice week! ♥

  2. Wow! I didn't know about sticker machine! Added it to my Wishlist haha.

    Does it work well? Does it require refills?

    1. I love it! It does require refills, and I have found them at my local craft store. I think it works pretty well. It is small so you can't do large stickers, but I only ever do small ones anyway so it is perfect for me!

  3. where did you get your starburst hole punch? I have looked on amazon but they didn't have it!

    1. I found mine at Michael's, a craft store in the US! It's the Martha Stewart brand, so maybe that will help your search? Good luck!