Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas dorm party

christmas dorm party
As our last big hurrah before hiding away all weekend to study for finals, my roommate Ashley and I threw a Christmas party in our dorm Friday night. We invited around ten of our friends, so it wasn't a huge party, but it was fun nonetheless.

Throwing a party in our dorm meant we had to get thrifty and crafty, so if you're a fellow college student like us, maybe you can use some of these ideas to put together your own Christmas party!

christmas tree
Ashley brought a small Christmas tree from home, it's so pretty and festive! She also brought a small Christmas village that you can see set up on the window sill. Ever since Thanksgiving, we've made paper snowflakes anytime we're bored, so we've used them to decorate our window.

We made some snacks, because food always makes it a party.

hot chocolate
We set up a little hot chocolate basket, with marshmallows and mini candy canes! We stole borrowed some coffee cups from the dining hall so people could make their own hot chocolate.

Mistletoe is quintessential to a Christmas party, so of course we needed some for our party. I printed out a sprig and hung it above our kitchen.

Towards the end of the night when it was just a few of us left, we had a spontaneous "snowball" fight (we started throwing mini marshmallows around). It was so much fun (although we are still finding marshmallows hidden around the room)!

I really loved our Christmas party, it was the perfect end to our semester! This week is finals week, so I've spent the past few days studying like crazy. As soon as this week is over, I have some crafty Christmas posts planned, so keep an eye out for those!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful December so far, and good luck to all who have exams!


  1. it would be really really nice if you could make some gift tutorials, cause I have absolutely no idea on what to give my friends!

    1. That's a great idea! I have been thinking of a few DIY gifts lately that I want to make posts about, so they might be up within the next week or two!

  2. Hello Jordan
    i love your blog. Have you seen my e-mail?
    I would be really happy if you write me back :)
    Sarah :D

    1. Hi Sarah! I haven't received any emails recently from you, are you sure you have the right email address? (stellaireblog@gmail.com) I'm sending you an email now though! :)

  3. All of your posts are so sweet and your blog is so cute!