Wednesday, November 27, 2013

autumn baking: cinnamon rolls

One thing I really miss while I'm living at school is baking. So since I came home for Thanksgiving this week, one of the first things I wanted to do was try out a few recipes I had been saving. Julia, from the blog Très Queentastic, recently made cinnamon rolls and wrote a post about it, which inspired me to try making them too. I used the recipe she used, from the Williams Sonoma blog, and they turned out delicious! They were surprisingly easy to make, even though I don't have much experience in making bread.

cinnamon roll
I made the cinnamon rolls last night and kept them in the fridge until this morning to bake. They were soft and warm, and oh-so enjoyable on a chilly, autumn morning.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful November, as it is coming to an end. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States!


  1. It seems so delicious ! ♥
    Now, I want to try it ! :D
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jordan !