Saturday, April 13, 2013


les étoiles scintillantes
Lots of new and exciting things have happened lately.

First, I made a tumblr. Well, I actually already had one, but I never got on it, so after some encouragement from my friends I have begun using it! Go check it out if you would like:

Second, the past couple days I have been at a state leadership conference for FBLA and while there, my friend and I placed first in each of our competitions which means we are going to the national conference this summer! And what's even better about it, this conference is in California! (You might remember me talking about the national conference I attended last summer)

Third, my birthday is coming up next week and I got a vintage sewing machine as an early gift from my parents! I actually already had a vintage Pfaff (from the 70's!) but it was broken. My parents were going to get it fixed for my birthday, but found out that it is almost unfixable. But then fate stepped in and a lady at the sewing machine shop had a vintage Singer that worked and that she didn't want any more, so she sold it to us! So now I have a sewing machine to bring with me to college!

Fourth, I have 40 days left until I graduate high school and I am officially enrolled in college for the fall! I have signed up for orientation, picked my dorm room, and accepted the scholarship I received. Very exciting!

Have a lovely weekend. ♥

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