Thursday, March 28, 2013

paper sweets

lots of sweets
Today my sister and I were in Lowe's with my mom, waiting for her to get some paint samples. We wandered over towards the paint chips and of course we couldn't resist the urge to pick out a few (...or a few dozen) of our favorite colors. But these paint chips were not going to go to waste. When I saw all the pretty pastels, I immediately thought of my cupcake and ice cream paper punches and the adorable things we could make.

As soon as we got home, I gathered together a few craft items so we could start our little project. I pulled out some seed beads, markers, glue, and the paper punches (I have the Martha Stewart ice cream and cupcake paper punches from Michaels).

Then we punched out our shapes, glued them together, and decorated them!

cupcakes and icecream cones
They turned out adorable, I love them! We couldn't stop make these little sweets, we made many  more then what is pictured.

sweets bunting
They look very cute attached to some pink thread and hung across a birthday card, a wrapped gift, or even on your inspiration wall.

Make some paper cupcakes and ice cream cones to brighten up your day! ♥


  1. I think they would make very cute magnets for the fridge.

  2. I love that idea!! I think I'll try that, thanks! (: