Tuesday, March 19, 2013

crafty package

I stumbled upon this wonderful craft supply site called Yozo Craft a while ago and I bookmarked it right away. I forgot about it until I started searching for cute crafty things recently. They have great prices and the shipping cost was very reasonable. I decided to order a few things and the package just arrived yesterday!

So the things I ordered were: some tiny metal charms (in the top photo), two cute little memo books, deco tape (sorry you can't see the pattern), two tin coasters (I bought them for my dorm room that I'll be living in soon!), adorable peanut erasers (they have faces on them!), and some pretty stickers.

I definitely recommend this site to order craft supplies from! Not only are the costs low, but it shipped pretty quickly too (for having to travel halfway around the world!).

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week! ♥


  1. Love the tape from Yozo! Im going to order some, I've been making more of my own envelopes, this will be handy and cute for closing the flaps.

  2. Me too! That sounds perfect, I love handmade envelopes and pretty tape just makes them even cuter. ♥