Wednesday, January 2, 2013

recycled gift wrapping PART 2

I did a post before Christmas on a few recycled gift wrapping ideas, and I have a few more to show you. I know it's after Christmas, but this can give you ideas for next Christmas or any gifts you need to wrap during the year.

burlap bow
For this gift, I cut up a mailing envelope to use as wrapping paer (I also used this in the previous post on gift wrapping) and I tied a burlap bow around it. I printed some paper bauble tags created by Fellow Fellow, and wrote the To/From underneath the tag.

paper bag gift wrap
My mom's gift could not be wrapped in a box, so instead of throwing it into a generic gift bag, I painted and decorated a brown paper bag. The bow is made out of washi tape and the label is from a Martha Stewart roll of gift labels.

I hope these ideas inspired you to create your own gift wrapping next time you have a present to give! ♥


  1. could you do a post on kind of like craft supply essentials for making the pretty things you make? i am a little new to diy oxoxx

  2. Yeah, that's a great idea! I'd love to do a post like that. I'll start working on it so keep an eye out for it! :)

  3. Cute ideas... beautiful blog!
    Happy New Year,

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