Monday, December 17, 2012

recycled gift wrapping

gift for nik
I've started wrapping all my Christmas presents! So to give you guys some gift wrapping inspiration, I will be doing a few posts on how I wrapped my presents. Today I'm showing you two ways to wrap gifts for men. I didn't want to do somethig too girly and pretty, but I still wanted it to be nice and handmade. The first gift is for my brother. I bought him a mini size cologne in a scent I thought smelled good.

wrapping a gift
The wrapping paper is an envelope  from something I recieved in the mail. I made the tag out of cardboard from the packaging of my new camera, and painted a design on it. I tied twine around the box, and no, the twine wasn't recycled, but it looked pretty with the paper and tag.

newspaper wrapping
The second gift is for my uncle, and I used newspaper and red and white striped ribbon to wrap it.

recycled box wrapping
The actual gift is a set of Auburn car coasters (he's an Auburn graduate and obviously a huge fan) and I used a cracker box to package it.

gift for greg
Instead of attaching a gift tag, I wrote directly on the box with a sharpie. I think next time I use newspaper, I will paint a little white square on the box to write the To/From in because it's kind of hard to see directly on the newspaper.

I hope this gives you some ideas! And I'd love to see how your wrapped your gifts, so leave a link in the comments if you've posted about it! ♥

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