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Jar Details
Yesterday was my friend Loli's birthday, and I made a gift for her. Since her birthday is so close to New Years, I decided to make a "memory jar" to give to her (inspired by this; if you know the original source, let me know). She can write all the good things that happen to her on scraps of paper and fill the jar all year. Next New Year's Eve, she will empty it and remember all the great things that happened to her in 2013!

New Years Jar for Loli

All you need is a glass jar and some embellishments. If you're like me, you save every nice jar you come across, so that won't be hard to aquire. For embellishments, I used old book pages, washi tape, cardboard, yarn, and a paper flower.

rose on a jar
Here's a close up of the details on the jar. The washi tape I used was a Christmas present that I received, my family knows me so well! (Thank you Nana!)

note for loli
I wrote a note to explain what the jar was for.

little note
I made a mini envelope out of kraft paper for the note and used the same washi tape to close it.

And the last thing I did was sprinkle some tiny, golden stars in the bottom of the jar so all her New Year's wishes will come true. ♥

I think this is a great thing to start 2013 off with, and I think I will make one for myself! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve and that your 2013 will be filled with happy memories!

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  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! If you make one, you should make a blog post about it, I'd love to see! :)

  3. Wow, that's really really cute! Jordan, your blog gives me so much inspiration, thank you for that :)
    Nice wishes from austria!

  4. Comments like yours really make my day! Thank you, I love when things I have created give other people inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

  5. oh beautiful! will definitely give this a try this weekend. Thank you!

  6. that's so pretty, very cute and whimsical ^^
    thank you for sharing :)

  7. Thanks to both of you! I'm so glad you like it! ♥

  8. If you haven’t joined Creative Crafts Thursday yet, please share your projects at each and every week! It’s a Blog Hop, too. So feel free to link it up on your site as well.

  9. very nice concept.

  10. Thank you for sharing... What a creative and thoughtful gift ><

  11. this is so cute!! i'm definitely gonna make one of this!!

  12. I am visiting from The Crafty Crow. Love your idea! I am a new subscriber<3

  13. i love it. great idea

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  15. I will! Thank you so much for letting me know, I love seeing what other people made. ♥

  16. where did you get the jar from?

    1. It's actually just a jar from the pantry that I recycled. :)

  17. what size jar is that?