Saturday, December 15, 2012


vintage plate
Yesterday my two friends and I went to this antique shop that I've been wanting to go to for weeks. I'm so glad we did, because it was amazing! It was so big, and they had so many pretty things. I'm surprised I didn't buy more than I did, because I was definitely tempted too (especially teacups, they had dozens of beautiful teacups!). I ended up just purchasing three things. In the above picture is a vintage plate that I found, and I'm using it to hold a few pieces of my favorite jewelry. Isn't the plate pretty? I love how it fades into pink around the sides, and the edges have crackled gold covering them.

The other two things I bought were a lovely pin and old soap tin. The pin will be gorgeous clasped onto a shawl or cardigan.

soap made in england
The soap tin is the brand "Yardley" and I tried looking up how old it might be, but I couldn't find anything on this specific one. Online I found a similar soap tin from this brand that was made in the 1920's, so that would be so cool if this one was also from that era!

The pin and the tin are not actually for me (as much as I would love to keep them!). I bought them with a specific person in mind, so they are going to be Christmas presents! ♥


  1. Hey Jordan!

    Oh wow, I'd really really love to have a soap tin like that o.O I love everything about beauty and bathroom equipment and buying such a thing anywhere (where the prices for antiquies aren't astronomic!) would be so so lovely :)

    wishing you a great day, Susanne xxx

  2. Hey Susanne! :)
    I love all those things too, and they're kind of hard to find around here. And usually when you do find something like that, the price is really high, like you said. So I'm lucky I found these pieces for a pretty good price! Do they have many antique/vintage shops where you are in Europe?
    I hope you have a wonderful day too! Thank you so much! ♥

  3. Hey Jordan!

    ups, completely forgot to answer :O
    Oh, you can be really lucky :) And, no, there are not many vintage shops here (I live on the country side- yeey ;) )
    But I went to Paris this summer and the shops were sooo amazing :) I just went from one super- duper- vintage/ paper/ sweet things shop to the next one, haha ;) If I' ll ever live in Paris (what I definitely want to do)- that would be the end of saving money :D

    Merry Christmas! xx

  4. That sounds like so much fun in Paris! I would love to live there one day also, so it would be the same for me, I wouldn't have any money left! Haha, but at least we would have lots of pretty vintage things! :)

    Thank you, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! ♥