Sunday, November 4, 2012

paper bag books DIY

Remember that little book I made in my last post? Well I decided to create a tutorial on how to make one after a suggestion from a lovely reader!

So first cut the tops off of a few brown paper bags (the small ones used to pack your lunch). I cut the top 3 inches so I have lots of 3x5" rectangles. 

I glued down the edges where the paper bag was folded. Fold all the rectangles in half and put them together. 

Staple in the middle to bind the pages together. You could also sew down the middle, but I just stapled mine to save time (sewing would look prettier though!).

 Then the fun part is to decorate your mini book! I put washi tape on the edge to look like binding, and to cover up the staples.

I put one of my instagram photos of my cat in a polaroid frame using photoshop and printed it out. I taped it on with tiny pieces of washi tape.

I have been using these mini books to write down quotes and words that I like, but you could also use them as tiny sketch books, or cut out magazine pictures and make an inspiration book.

cats and cats. hmm... notice a recurring theme?
Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? No, it's already November. Christmas will be here soon! (50 more days in case you were wondering. Yes, I am counting down the days). These could be cute stocking stuffers! Make a few and tie them together with pretty string. Leave them blank, or write sweet words to the person who will receive them. ♥


  1. lovely! also a good idea for gift, i reckon. :D

  2. Do you have an Instagram account? <3

    1. Yes I do! My username is "stellairestellar" ♥

  3. Thanks. I'm going to make and write little books for my grandkids. They don't live near so I'll send them along with blank books for them to write in for me! Can't wait.

  4. what i can say about like this idea really amazing

  5. I totally love your blog Mrs Stellaire ! 💕

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