Sunday, November 25, 2012


Here is a little peek of some Christmas gift-crafting I'm doing (I'll show you more later, I've got some special posts in mind!)

plastic bag flower
Also working on wrapping decorations. The flower/bow above is made out of a plastic bag. I found the idea in the Hello Sandwich craft book.

One more look at something I'm making for Christmas!


  1. These are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more of your Christmas crafts :)


  2. Thank you!! ♥ I'll hopefully have those posts up soon! :)

  3. Hey Jordan!

    Recently I found your blog on the internet- and I was immediately addicted! :) I love your ideas, crafty things and style, you are really cool ♥
    The penpal letters inspired me to write letters more often, thanks!

    xx Susanne

  4. Ebony- Thank you! I am so glad you like it, especially since it's from your book!

  5. Susanne- Your comment really made my day, thank you so much!!! ♥ I am so happy you like everything. And I'm glad the letters inspired you to write your own letters more often, I think everybody should write more letters to each other! :D

  6. Hey, one more comment ;)
    Haha, that's nice, but you make MY day daily ;)
    Definitely! But now that we live a life full of facebook, it's even "abnormal" to write letters... I don't know how it's like in the US, but in Europe (yeah, I'm from little Europe- that's why your blog posts appear on the internet laaaate at night here and my comments appear laaate at night at your home haha :D ) it's like that :(
    Have a nice day! :) xx

  7. Yes, it's just like that here too! Especially with my generation, EVERYONE in my school has a facebook, but if you asked any one of them if they wrote letters, they'd probably laugh. I would love if snail mail came back in style, it's so much nicer to receive a nice letter in the mail then an abbreviated facebook message. All of us letter-writers should try to start a letter-writing trend! :)

    ps. That is so cool that you're in Europe! I love that I have readers all the way across the ocean, in a whole different continent!

  8. Oh, yeah, they would definitely laugh, that's very sad :(
    Right, so here we go! ;) But I would write letters without "the coming trend" too ;)

    Haha, same here ;) I think visiting blogs all over the world is veeery interesting :) Furthermore it's good for practising English (English is not my mother language) haha :D

    Have the lovliest day ever! xxx

  9. P.S.: your pinterest doesn't work :( Just wanted to follow you

  10. I do the same thing!! I'm studying French, so there are a few French blogs that I read to help me practice. :)

    Fixed my Pinterest link, thanks for letting me know! And thank you for following me! :)

    I hope you have a lovely day also! ♥