Sunday, September 9, 2012

autumn air

The air is crisp and smells like autumn. The windows are open and the sky is blue and my cat is asleep on my bed. It's the perfect weather for guitar-playing and fire-pitting and marshmallow-roasting. As much as I  absolutely love summer, I am ready for it to be fall. I am listening to this perfect soundtrack and wearing a sweater (even though it is not quite that cool outside) and dreaming of apple cider and big piles of leaves.

And I promise I won't turn into a blogger who just posts lots of pictures of their cat (which I've been doing lately) so I will have some new posts soon that feature things other than Max and my latest instagrams.

I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer or the beginnings of fall (unless you live in Australia, then fall is already long gone, and then I hope you are enjoying the end of winter!). ♥

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