Sunday, August 19, 2012

getting ready for the first day of school

 Tomorrow is my last, first day of high school! Yes, I am starting my senior year and after tomorrow, I will never have another first day of school again (well, until college, but that's different). That's kind of a scary thought, but really exciting too. I'm nervous for tomorrow (who isn't nervous on the first day of school?) but I'm sure everything will go well. Last year I was the new kid, so at least this year I don't have to go through that again. I finally decided what I'm going to wear: a white, button-up henley with light wash skinny jeans, rolling up the bottoms. For shoes, a pair of gray vans, and for a bag, a small, Billabong backpack.

I love this backpack! I got it at a surf shop (Coastal Edge) in Virginia Beach a couple weeks ago. (Which is also where I got my Vans). We actually aren't allowed to have backpacks at my school to carry our books around, but this is small enough that I'm going to call it a "purse". So I still have to carry my books and binders, but this backpack holds everything else!

I attached my Ministry of Magic keychain and the metal goes perfectly with the rest of the backpack. Wondering what the Ministry of Magic is? That means you haven't read Harry Potter! (So go read it!)

I'll write about how my first day went tomorrow! ♥

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