Saturday, August 18, 2012

dresser makeover

 So there's this dresser in my room that I've had for more than 15 years and it was ugly. There's really no other way I can say it. Instead of buying a whole new dresser, I decided to just make-over the one I had.
See the awful, orange-y wood that it was before? It didn't go with anything else in my room. But with a little (ok, a lot) of spray paint, I transformed it into something pretty! After priming my dresser, I used Rust-Oleum Satin Heirloom White spray paint. It's kind of an off-white color, the perfect balance between white and ivory. I had to use 4 cans to cover the dresser completely. You also may notice my mirror changed colors. The black just wasn't going with my room either (my room is all pale colors) so I decided to paint it a light gold. I couldn't find a spray paint color that I really liked, so my mom suggested painting it by hand with a brush. Hand painting it was actually perfect because the brush strokes gave it a great texture. I used Martha Stewart Golden Pearl paint and it turned out exactly how I wanted. I did around 4 coats and left a little black showing through so it would look more antique.

I kept some of things I already had on my dresser and got a few new things.

I found this adorable kitty bowl at TJ Maxx that is my favorite color and it's made in Japan, how cool is that? I still haven't decided what I'm going to put in it (maybe jewelry?) so for now it's empty. I almost don't want to put anything in it because it will cover up the kitty!

 I got this cute, tiny metal tray at a thrift store for 2 quarters, I love it! I put a flower hair clip and a couple seashells on display. That candle in the background is from Bath & Body Works in the scent French Baguette. It smells just like I would imagine a Parisian bakery to smell, it is so wonderful!

 This is my favorite perfume and it's in a beautiful box so I decided to keep it out on my dresser. In the background you can kind of see my teacup of makeup brushes, another bottle of perfume, and a white mug of pretty pencils.

I love my dresser so much now! If I'm ever thinking of throwing away furniture again, I will definitely consider painting first, because just changing the color can do so much!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! ♥


  1. The new look really suits you a whole lot better because I know how you love light,pretty things. I love the cute things you put on display (especially the kitty bowl at the blue perfume because it smells like Hawaii). This is quite a coincidence because I a currently in the process of also remodeling my dresser. I hope mine turns out as lovely as yours!

  2. Yes, it makes my room looks so much brighter and bigger! It seems like we always do the exact same things at the same time without even talking to each other about it. Yours will turn out amazing, I can't wait to see your whole room when everything is finished!