Thursday, August 9, 2012

diy mini clay ice cream bowl

I've got another clay tutorial for you! Last time it was cupcakes, this time it's ice cream! It's easier to make then it looks, and all you need are a few basic supplies:

-Exacto knife
-Liquid Sculpey
-A marble
-Corn starch
-Glaze (like Triple Thick)

First, we'll start with the bowl. Roll out a thin sheet of white clay. Dip the marble in a little water and cover it in corn starch (not pictured) and place it on top of the clay. (The corn starch is to keep the clay from sticking to the marble so you can easily release the bowl shape.)

Wrap the clay  around the marble and smooth out the crack and edges.

Use an exacto knife to cut around the middle of the marble and take that clay off. Press the bottom of the marble onto a hard surface so the bottom of the bowl is flat. Wrap a thin coil of clay around the bottom for the base of the bowl. Carefully pull the bowl away from the marble. Smooth out the top edge.

Next, we'll make the ice cream. I mixed light pink, dark pink, and translucent colored clay to get a swirly effect. It makes the ice cream look a bit more realistic. Shape the clay into a ball and press the bottom flat. Use a toothpick to press out the bottom edge. Then use the toothpick to make the edge rough.

I textured the ice cream with a ball of foil. Then I cut small lines on the top with an exacto knife.

Arange the ice cream however you want in the bowl, using liquid sculpey to adhere everything together.. I decorated it with "chocolate syrup" and a cherry. (To learn how to make the chocolate syrup, read the tutorial I did here).

Bake it according to the instructions on your package of clay. Finally, add a coat of glaze, and you're finished! Isn't it cute?

 I'm giving this to my little sister for her to use with her dolls, but you could easily make it into a charm for a necklace by inserting an eye pin before baking.

Have fun making your tiny bowl of ice cream! ♥


  1. So so gorgeous! You are one talented gal!

    louise@ loulovesthis.blogspot

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! ♥

  3. I have just look through your blog and I'm totally in love with your style <3

    This is a really nice clay tutorial,
    I'm happy to find out that we both share the interest in clay crafting :D


  4. Thank you for both the compliments!! :)
    I love your blog and what you make with clay! I just checked it out, it's really inspiring! ♥

  5. Hi, Do you use smooth-on to make molds? Have you try it with polymer clay?
    ps. I'm enjoying your blog ♥♥♥

    1. I haven't used smooth-on before, but if I'm working with polymer clay and I don't want it to stick to something, I usually use cornstarch (because I usually always have it on hand). Thank you so much! ♥♥