Thursday, July 12, 2012

ribbon flowers DIY

Tomorrow I am off on a vacation for a week visiting family (including my favorite blogger cousin, also my only blogger cousin), surfing, hanging out at the beach everyday, and probably making and eating lots of delicous food (this is what we do when we all get together!). But I thought I'd leave you all with one more little crafty project; ribbon flowers!

 First gather together scrap ribbon. Make sure your ribbon is made of a synthetic material (like polyester), because cotton will not work for this project (you'll see why in a moment).

Cut lots of petals out of your ribbon. No need to use a template, just freehand a petal shape.

Using pliers, hold a petal over the flame of a candle. Don't touch the petal to the flame, and don't get it too close. Hold it a couple inches away until the ends melt slightly and the petal curls up. This is why you need a synthetic material. Cotton will burn, polyester will melt.

This is what the petals should look like. Don't they kind of resemble itty bitty seashells??? 

Stitch your petals together to form a flower. You can also use glue, but I found that sewing them makes the flower sturdier.

 Layer other pieces of ribbon and beads for the inside of the flower. Make lots of flowers and use them in all your crafts! I think they would be pretty for your hair if you attach them to a hair clip. Have fun making them!

See you all in a week or so! ♥

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