Tuesday, July 31, 2012

pretty penpal letter

During our last visit, my cousin, Jade, and I decided we were going to start writing letters to each other, kind of being each other's "penpal". I hate how writing real letters is going out of style and being replaced by email and text messaging. There's something special about getting a handwritten letter that someone took the time to send you. So Jade and I are going to work on reviving this "ancient" practice of writing letters.

So for my first letter to Jade, I wrote and made a mini collage. I figured it would  be prettier then just some writing on paper (unless of course, you can do beautiful calligrahpy, which would look lovely on a page all of its own).

 I cut up some old magzines, scraps of paper, and washi tape.

Instead of a boring, conventional, white envelope, I decided to make one. I sandwiched the letter between two layers of paper and sewed around the edges. Then I decorated the front, wrote the address on the back, added a stamp, and it's ready to mail! ♥


  1. Great idea! Makes letters totally fun instead of boring!

  2. Thanks! Yes, and there're so many variations you can do that you'll never run out of cool letters to send!

  3. Love this - especially the envelope.
    You're right - the art of letter writing must be revived! And with hand-crafted bits included, these are fantastic. Who wouldn't want to make and receive these?

  4. Thank you! Yes, I think everyone needs to send a few more letters and a few less text messages! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  5. This is just the happiest little letter! The way you have made the "envelope" makes it seem like a package. :) And cousins are the greatest of pen pals. I just found your blog after clicking over from the omiyage blog--you have a very lovely site here!

  6. Thanks so much! Yeah, that's what I was aiming for, because it's so much more fun to receive in the mail! Yes, they are the greatest of pen pals! Thank you, I really appreciate it! ♥