Saturday, July 7, 2012

paper medallions diy

 I feel like I've made these before and posted about them on my blog, but I can't find the post. Anyway, today I am showing you how to make these mini paper medallions!

So start with a strip of paper. This isn't the type of craft where you need measurements (it's not supposed to look perfect), but if you must be exact, make the strip about 1in. wide and 15in. long.

Now here's the tricky part to try to explain. Accordian fold it, but in a circle, if that makes sense. You need to curve it as you fold so it forms a  circle. If you get to the end of the strip of paper and need more, just glue on another piece.

 When you get  back to the begining of the circle, glue or staple it together.

 For the center of these medallions, just stack small, pretty pieces of paper on top of each other and attach with glue.

And your medallions are finished! Now what can you use them for, you ask?

Gift decorations!

Make a boring envelope pretty!

Or just stick them somewhere to bring a little color.

Here's a little look of the behind the scenes. This is what my desk usually looks like after crafting. No, it is not fun to clean up. But crafts are worth it!

Have fun crafting! ♥


  1. hola! acabo de descubrite y me parece que tienes un blog super bonito!...enhorabuena,aunque la traduccion no es muy buena,estoy encantada de leerte!

  2. Gracias! I really appreciate it! :)