Saturday, May 12, 2012

pah-ree & tea

So I finished my AP History exam yesterday! It seems so strange now that I don't have studying or homework to do for history, I feel like I should be reading my textbook or something. I went out and celebrated after school yesterday with my friend (who also took the exam) by going to get frozen yogurt. So delicous! I've been spending today relaxing, and reading a new book I ordered on amazon. I finally have time to read for fun now! The book is called Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas and so far it is such a good book! I definitely reccomend it! 

My new favorite tea, Tazo Rest rose tea, is the perfect thing to go with a good book, especially if you have a pretty mug to drink it from.

I'm sitting here writing this blog post with my cat on my lap and my hands are just itching to start some new craft projects, but I've got one more project to finish for school, and then I'll be free! Summer is almost here! ♥

ps. I want to buy a new camera and I've been considering the Nikon 1 because it can take good quality pictures and video. Does anyone have this camera and love it/hate it?

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