Sunday, May 6, 2012

be back soon

I know, I've been gone from this blog for a loooong time. It's been more than a month since my last post! April was a super busy but exciting month for me: I turned 17, I won the FBLA (a school organization) state competition and am going to nationals this summer, my best friend came to visit all the way from Washington, my aunt and uncle and cousin visited us for a little while, and I've been using most of my free time to study for my AP History test coming up this week!

I wish I could promise that once my AP test is over I would be able to spend more time blogging, but once that test is over I'll be studying for the SAT and ACT, which are at the beginning of June. Plus, it's almost the end of the school year, so that's just a busy time in general.

But I do promise that once school is over and I've taken all these tests, I will definitely be back to blogging more often.

These pictures don't really have anything to do with this post, but blog posts are boring without pictures so I decided just to put a few random ones in.

I hung up fairy lights (that's what I'm calling them, even though they're really just white Christmas tree lights) around my bed. They're so pretty!

I may do a few blog posts this month, but this summer I will be back to blogging regularly.
Have a lovely day!


  1. where did you end up finding the fairy lights? Also, have you met any vampires lately?

  2. I found them on sale at Target, they also had a lot of other pretty string lights so you should go see what they have! Hmm... I can't say I have met any vampires lately.