Sunday, March 25, 2012

an absolute rose

an absolute rose

I found this on polyvore (here) and I absolutely love it:
ps. That quote about the rose is from the book The Great Gatsby. I had to read it for school and I ended up really liking it!

How to-
Dreamy bedroom

-Place your bed in a corner
-hang tulle, sheer fabric, white or cream fabric and floral fabrics above your bed
-Christmas lights-hang them over windows, doors, or wrap them around your bed
-hang your favorite clothes
-hang pearls and necklaces
-bring out your girly perfumes and makeup (only the pretty ones, hide the others in bins or in the bathroom)
-floral or striped sheets
-for white rooms, choose a bright, bold duvet cover
-place pillows and blankets everywhere
-collage your wall with photo strips, magazine clippings, newspaper, polaroids, or whatever
-bring out your cameras
-place jars everywhere
-spray everything with your favorite perfume
-clip photos to a clothesline
-place your magazines, books, cameras, and other stuff artfully on a shelf
-pace roses or your favorite flowers by a window
-candles, everywhere (only for you careful girls, don't set the house on fire!)
-flowy curtains
-sewing machines, guitars, paint brushes (bring out things that look pretty)
-paper snowflakes
-hang some pretty clothes on the wall
-prettily framed mirrors
-mirror your walls or ceiling
-glow in the dark stars
-tack board or world map
-chalkboard paint
-pretty chairs or benches
-dress forms

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