Monday, January 9, 2012

salty sisters

See that white bracelet in the middle with the orange beads? That's my salty sister bracelet. It's basically a friendship bracelet. My aunt (who is young enough that we consider her one of "the kids"), my cousin, my sister, and I all have one. Salty sisters are a group of sisters or friends who surf together and pretty much live at the beach. The rest of the bracelets are ones that I made inspired by the salty sisters bracelet. They're very beachy, and I know it's the middle of winter, but I don't care because I miss the summer. So here's a tutorial!

First tie together 4 pieces of hemp. I use a little less then an arm's length per strand, so I don't know the exact measurements. It's better to have too much then too less. Tape the strings just above the knot to a table or clipboard or something.

This will be kind of confusing so if you can't figure it out from my instructions and pictures, I made a video at the end of this post. Lay out the four strings. The two in the middle stay there. Bring the left string over the two middle and under the right. Bring the right string under the two middle and over the left (through the loop that is created). Look at the picture below for more help.

The pink is the left string, the blue is the right.

Pull the left and right strings at the same time.

See where that little bump is that the arrow is pointing too? Whichever side that is on, that is the string that will go over the two middle strings. You keep alternating which side goes over the middle strings. If you keep putting the same side over the two middle strings, it will create a spiral instead of laying flat, which could be pretty cool if thats the look you're going for (maybe I'll do a mini tutorial on that sometime).

If you want to add beads, put the bead on the two middle strings and just macrame around it. The video I made will show how to add a bead.

Here's the video, the lighting's a little crazy because the sun kept going in and out of the clouds, but hopefully it will be helpful to you.

When you've finished macrame-ing the length you want (I do a little less then 7 inches), just start braiding the ends a few inches. At the top of the bracelet where you taped it down, you can undo the knot and braid that too. The braided ends are for tying it on your wrist.

Now you are ready for summertime with your pretty, macrame bracelet! I tried to make the directions as clear as possible, but if you are still having trouble, just google how to macrame.

Have a lovely day!