Saturday, January 28, 2012

rose petals

It was the morning of moving day. Our neighbors had just come over so we could exchange our bittersweet goodbyes. We were excited to go to a new place, see new things, have new adventures; but it doesn't make it any easier to leave a life you spent several years building. You really never get used to moving, even after doing it so often. We got in the car, ready to say our final farewell to the beautiful little town in Georgia, when our neighbor's little girl ran up and gave my mom, sister, and I each a delicate pink rose. A little piece of our old life to keep when we began again.


  1. What a sweet, sweet gesture. I swear moving never gets easier no matter how many times it's been done.

    Sending good vibes + sunshine your way in hopes that your new home and the rest of your moving goes smoothly. :)

  2. Thank you, that means so much to me! I really, really appreciate it. We actually moved over the summer, but we've still been adjusting to living in a new place. Today I was just looking back at some pictures from my old house and I remembered I still had the dried rose.

    I hope you have a lovely day, thank you again for the sweet comment! :)

  3. Welcome to Georgia!!! ( even though it's a little late ;)) I live in snellville, I hope you have settled in nicely. :)
    p.s. love your blog it's very inspiring!

  4. Thank you! I actually moved from Georgia to Alabama, sorry I wasn't very clear! I lived in Savannah before though. I definitely miss it, but I'm liking my new town. Have a wonderful day!