Thursday, January 26, 2012

rainy day

Today we got out of school at noon because of bad weather.  This little town has gotten hit by some bad storms in the last couple years so everybody gets pretty nervous when there's severe weather. I'm not complaining though, I get an extra day to study for a history test! Anyway, when my sister and I got home we made some s'mores and tea. So good!

We made the s'mores in the oven. You don't really need a recipe (everyone knows how to make s'mores, right?) but here's a tutorial if you want to read it.

Quite messy, but delicious nonetheless. I'm finishing my tea as I write this post and listening to my current favorite music artist, Ed Sheeran. You should youtube him and listen to some of his music, it's wonderful! He kind of reminds me of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, two other singers that I also love.

Besides getting some much needed studying done, I'm going to get my room cleaned. And hopefully do some crafts later, maybe painting?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Thanks for introducing Ed Sheeran to me! I loved 'The A Team', but now I'm listening to his other songs and think they're amazing. :)

  2. Uuugh! I had my math midterms this week and let me tell you, I hate midterms. It was awful and on the first one I was super rushed and had to guess on some just to get them all done (Thank you multiple choice!). I'm so glad I am done with those because I hate stress. At least I'm not a tribute from my district. Reading about people's huge yet imaginary problems like Katniss and Peeta makes me feel like mine (like scary midterms) are unimportant.

  3. @Victoria Your welcome! I like 'The A Team' a lot, and 'Little Bird' is really good too. I pretty much like all of his songs, haha! :)

  4. @Jade I know how you feel, I hate midterms! I hope you did well! You know what I hate even more then midterms? AP History tests! My teacher actually told us if we make at least a 50, thats really good. My first test I made a 52. Yay.
    Thats a good way to think about things, just think about Katniss and Peeta's problems. I'm going to start doing that more often. Btw, have you finshed the whole series yet?