Wednesday, January 4, 2012

christmas gifts for my family

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally show everyone some of the gifts I made for my family! I know it's already the new year, I meant to make this post a while ago, but here it is! (Warning: there will be lots of pictures because I couldn't decide which ones I liked the best). So for my aunts, mom, and Nana (that's my grandma), I sewed them these little makeup bags. (Or as the tag says, a bag they can use for anything they want).

I found beautiful fabric (I seriously couldn't stop staring at it for days after I bought it) and I followed a tutorial I found on Design Sponge. (In case you're wondering I cut my fabric rectangles 9"x6", which includes the seam allowance, and I'm really happy with the size.) Originally I was going to make fancy tags in photoshop, but the night before I left to visit my family, I realized my color ink cartridge had run out and I only had black. (Note to self: do not procrastinate and wait until you have one night left to finish gifts). So I found a pretty rose clip art image and made tags in Microsoft Word. I actually really love how they turned out and am glad they are in black and white.

I picked out a few different prints of fabric because I couldn't decide on just one. (And I picked out colors depending on who I was giving it to and what they would like). 

The bags were really simple to make so I would definitely recommend Design Sponge's tutorial.

Then I used some of the same fabric and some lace to make bows for my cousin/BFF, Jade. (She and I both have an obsession with bows).  

 I followed the tutorial from Stars for Streetlights. (Sorry, no measurements. I just kind of free handed these)

 I attached an alligator clip and a pin so she could wear them in her hair or as a brooch.

I also carved a mustache stamp for Jade. I bought an ink pad to go with it. Jade loves mustaches. That sounds really weird. It's not like she has a mustache or anything, she just likes them. Haha, sorry Jade, I'm explaining it a bit too much. :D

I made Harry Potter wands (one for Jade, my brother, and sister) because we all are Harry Potter nerds. They turned out really well and I'm mad at myself for forgetting to take a picture because I also packaged them really pretty. I  made a little card to go with it that was a "wand certification" and said their name, wand core, type of wood, etc... (If you read Harry Potter you'll know what I'm talking about). I followed this tutorial  I found on DeviantArt. But instead of chopsticks I used 12" wooden dowels. (3/16" diameter).

The last thing I made was this necklace for my aunt's birthday (it's the day after Christmas). I love how it turned out. I'm not a jeweler and don't know much about making jewelry, but I kind of figured it out by myself as I went along. (Like I do most crafts). I found a tutorial from my Martha Stewart Craft Encyclopedia for making beaded flowers (it's also online here) and that's what I started out with. I used that as inspiration for making the actual necklace, and the attached it to the necklace. For the necklace I used beading wire which is really thin and flexible, almost like string. I packaged the necklace using a piece of cardboard covered with the pretty fabric, and washi tape. That's it!

I only posted this picture (above) because I thought it was pretty for some reason. It's just the clasp I made for the necklace.

Sorry I couldn't post these pictures before Christmas, but maybe this will give you inspiration for Christmas gifts to make this year! (Or for a birthday!). I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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