Sunday, December 18, 2011

glitter clothespins stocking stuffers

If you are part of my family, stop reading right now! Except you Jade, because these aren't for you. Today I made stocking stuffers for my mom, 2 aunts, and nana. I'm also making presents for them, but I'm going to wait until after Christmas to post those pictures, just incase they decide to try to sneak a peek at their gift.

 I made a set of glitter clothespins for each person. I got the idea from Creature Comforts, except I didn't have double sided tape so I just used glue.

I printed out a label and clipped the clothespins onto it. Then I wrapped that in tissue paper (secured with washi tape) and put it all in a small kraft paper bag.

I painted mini clothespins to use in the packaging. 

This is how it turned out! This is a super simple project if you're looking for some small last-minute gifts. 7 more days until Christmas!!!


  1. I found teeny tiny clothes pins at A.C.Moore once when I was there with Nana. I painted them and they look adorable. I'll show you in a few days. Also, I got my hands on some really old really cool pictures and I want you to see.

  2. Yeah, I found these mini clothespins at AC Moore. I love them because they're so tiny! I can't wait to see the old pictures!

  3. Hi there, love this idea! what size card stock did you use?

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