Sunday, December 11, 2011

diy bead bow

Christmas is coming up soon and that means lots of gift wrapping to be done! I really enjoy wrapping gifts and finding unique was to make them look really pretty. So today I'm sharing a tutorial for making this bow to decorate gifts with!

You could also make this bow into a necklace or brooch and give it as a gift!

You'll need seed beads and wire. The wire I used was 28 gauge, which was the perfect size to fit the beads. If the wire was any thicker I don't think the seed beads would fit. Pliers would help, but you don't have to have them to make this.

Start with a piece of wire about 8 inches long. Measurements don't have to be exact, it just depends on how big you want your bow. Fill the wire with beads. (Fold one end over so the beads don't slide off).

When it's completely filled up (leave a small space at the top), form it into a circle and twist the ends together.

Squeeze it together and use the twisted wire ends to wrap around the middle.

Shape it into a bow.

Then take a smaller piece of wire (about 3.5 inches) and fill it up with beads. Wrap it around the middle of the bow and twist the ends together in the back so it holds together.

Et voilà!  Your bead bow is finished!