Monday, November 28, 2011


While I was in Texas, my grandma, mom, sister, and I went shopping (of course) and I wanted to show you all some of the things I got. I bought the jewelry (above) at a consignment shop and I thought they were both really pretty.
 Then we went to a couple second-hand books stores. I got a few old comics from the 80's to cut up and use in crafts.

And I got a stack of old books all dating back to the early 1900's - late 1800's. I LOVE old books! Some of them (like the one pictured above) even had handwritten notes in them! I am not cutting these books up, they're too special. I'm going to start reading them as soon as I finish the Twilight series!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!


  1. OMG thats so cool. We should find some book consignment shops and try to fing really old books when you come to VA. Won't that be fun?

  2. Yes Lady WALMART, we should! That would be really fun!