Sunday, October 9, 2011

a day in paris

a day in paris
 My cousin and I are going to start doing these "fashion challenges" where each week one of us picks a theme and we have to create an outfit on polyvore to go with that theme. This week I picked the theme "a day in paris". My outfit (above) includes a flowy, peasant top-inspired, shirt with skinny jeans, high heel oxfords (très parisien), and a really pretty satchel. And I would also wear that super cute fawn necklace (it's kind of hard to see).

This is what my cousin, Jade, (author of the blog Teacup Monster) created. I absolutely love her style, and she is so good at putting together collages on polyvore! I haven't used polyvore that much, but she's pretty much a professional! ;)

Next week Jade will pick the theme, so keep an eye out for our next fashion challenge!

Check out my cousin's blog: Teacup Monster

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