Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 I was searching deviantart for mini clay food when I came across a japanese craft called "deco". Deco is decorating something with clay pieces (usually made out of air-dry clay) adhered  with "whipped cream clay" (more about that further down). It looked really cute, so I decided to try it out. 

 I did a little research and the whipped cream clay is actually silicone (the kind you find at Lowe's or Home Depot). There is an actual "whipped cream clay" sold in Japan, but silicone is easier to find and buy and it's basically the same thing.

 Then you just need to make your little clay decorations (usually mini food). Most people use air-dry clay for deco, because it is so light, but I have tons of sculpey (polymer clay) so I just decided use that.
I love that little ice cream scoop that I made. And I really like how the frosting (silicone) turned out on the cupcakes (in the second picture) but next time I'm going to try to make the actual cupcake part look a little more realistic.

These donuts technically aren't deco since I didn't use the silicone, but they are still pretty cute.

Here are some websites I found that will help you out if you want to try deco:
-Basic deco tutorial: Deco-Den
-Various clay tutorials: Lisitza's Mini Kawaii
-Clay and deco tutorials: One Dessert Please
-Deco inspiration: Kawaii Friends Cafe

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