Tuesday, September 27, 2011

collage books

 I hoard collect magazines. So in order to keep my "collection" from getting too big, I cut them up and use them for craft projects like this. These are paper bag books that I decorated with cut-up magazines and lots of embellishments.

Here are pictures of some of the pages in the books I made.

*Note: I took all of these pictures using the manual setting on my dslr camera (well actually it's my mom's camera, but I use it more then her). I was so proud of myself for learning how to take pictures manually!

Now follow this tutorial if you want to reduce the size of your magazine "collection" and make something pretty at the same time!

Click the images to enlarge

1. You'll need 4 paper bags, washi tape, embellishments, and of course magazines!
2. Fold the paper bags in half so the bottom of the bag is on the outside (look at the picture to see what I mean).
3. Spread glue on the side of the folded bag with the bottom facing up.
4. Lay it on top of the front of another folded bag.
5. Bind the book using washi tape (this is only for decoration, the book doesn't actually need to be binded because you just glued the pages together).
6. Decorate the cover, and collage the inside pages!
*Your book should be folded and glued together so the opening of each bag creates a pocket between the pages, if that makes sense. You can put paper and notes in the pockets.

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