Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my future home

I have a while before I'll actually have my own house (first I need to graduate highschool and college!), but since I will be moving out soon,  I like looking at pictures of house inspiration to give me ideas of how I'm going to decorate my home.
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I know I want lots of books, and I would love to have a whole wall to display them all.

Everything about this room is so perfect; the mismatched pillows/dinnerware, the bright colors, and the fact that it's right next to the ocean! (In case you don't know, my dream is to live by the sea one day)

I want my kitchen to look like this. Lots of pretty vintage plates, cups, bowls, etc... and have it all displayed instead of hidden behind cabinets.

I love this so much. I like the mix of vintage furniture, and the pillows/lights/decorations make it even better! (That guitar shaped pillow is so cool!)

Like I said before, I like things to be displayed, not hidden away. Some might say this looks like a mess (*cough cough*- mom) but I like it.

 These tiles are so pretty! And I think I could make them myself with some vintage fabric and mod-podge (or something more waterproof).

This room looks so cozy! I know it's a little kids room, but I wouldn't mind having a room like that! I want to sew a quilt, and I really like the small squares of fabric in that one. And I like that there are little knick-knacks all over.

I want to decorate my house with my collection of vintage handkerchiefs (which is a very small collection right now). I would probably string them across the wall like in this picture, with mini clothespins.

And if you want to see anymore of my house inspiration I've found around the web, you can go look at the pinboard I made.

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