Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Origami Paper Crafts---Day 3

 Day 3 of Origami Paper Crafts week! Today we're crafting a necklace! It is really simple to make, and it looks so pretty!

You'll need a small wooden spool, origami paper, string/cord (I used bleached hemp), and a bead.

First, paint your spool. I used regular acrylic craft paint and it worked fine on the wood. I didn't cover it with a varnish or sealant.

Cut a piece of origami paper to fit around your spool. Mine was a little more then 3/4 inch wide.

 Glue the paper onto the spool.

 String a bead onto your string and tie a knot around it. Put a little glue on the knot to secure it. Cut off the little piece of string on the end.

 Put the spool on the string. On the opposite end of the bead, make a loop and tie a knot to hold it. Put a little glue on this knot also, and cut off the extra.

 The necklace is finished!

More origami paper crafts to come tomorrow!

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