Monday, July 25, 2011

Origami Paper Crafts---Day 1

 This week I'll be posting a tutorial everyday of crafts using origami paper!

Today we'll be making match boxes! They are so much prettier covered in origami paper. Instead of matches they can hold small items that don't have any other place. Make a bunch of them and stack them on your desk!

 If you have some match boxes laying around, you can use those and just cover them with origami paper. I didn't have any so I used this template from Mirkwood Designs. Print the template on cardstock and cut it out. Before I printed it out, I resized the match box top so it was slightly larger.

 Score the dotted lines to make it easier to fold.

 Cut out a piece of origami paper the same size as the match box top. Glue the origami paper to the match box top template. Let it dry before you try to fold it. You can line the bottom of the box if you want. I used washi tape on mine.

Assemble the box using the template directions.

 Your box is finished!

I'll have a new craft using origami paper tomorrow!

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